Past Projects: Scrap Art

One day I was cleaning up the house and had to decide what to do with a huge stack of old magazines. I have a pretty big conscience about throwing things away, so I wanted to re-use and then recycle the mags. I decided I would make some artwork out of what I could, and went through each one ripping out pages of interest. This picture is showing the types of pages I look for, obviously from a sports magazine. I try to find big spaces of color, as well as interesting textures.

After I went through all the magazines, I organized the pages into colors. I have one for blues, reds, oranges, whites, blacks, browns, greens, and skin tones.Then I choose which ones I want to use and cut them out. For this one, I already knew I wanted to make a tree. Trees are kinda my thing.

For the bark, I used a page with bricks and another with coffee grounds. I like the texture in each.

This was another one I made for someone. I made another one too, but didn’t take pictures of it :(  I still have tons of paper and hope to do a few more of these projects in the future.

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