Baby Alyxandra


The Luras Family

This little guy, Chrysander, has the biggest personality I’ve ever seen on a baby. He was so full of funny faces and I was laughing the whole time I was taking his pictures. As you can see he was hamming it up for the camera. All the photos were taken at this lovely family’s home in SLC and we got the fall colors at their peak! Love this session!


Brooke and Rio

These beautiful ladies are Brooke and Rio. Brooke wanted to surprise her hubby with some pictures do Father’s day, and we did this shoot in a matter of minutes at Murray Park. I got to take pictures of her as a newborn and I LOVE to see babies a few months later. Seeing how much they change and look more like themselves is one of my favorite things. These types of shoots are pretty much the best, because they are so simple and worry-free.

Leighton and London: 1st Birthday Party

These pictures are from sweet little Leighton and London’s 1st birthday party. These girls were in such good moods and were making silly faces all day. I know this family through Stella, a friend I have done pictures for many times. You’ll be seeing a lot of these faces in the next post, which is another birthday party of their friends. I love taking pictures for parties because I get to just hang out and shoot away, without having to do any posing or coaching. Pure candids: my fav.