Baby Alyxandra


Katie and Dustin’s Wedding

Katie and Dustin’s wedding had such a light, care-free atmosphere, and is my favorite one I have been to. Every detail was welcoming and the whole vibe was so my style. I had a great time and loved every second of this wedding. 

Sarah and Jesse


I rented a lens last week and couldn’t wait for the scheduled wedding to use it. Sarah and her little guy volunteered to be my test subjects and we had a blast. Her son Jesse was such a sweet and funny little kid. We became friends in no time and got some pictures that completely represent them. I love Sarah’s style and would love to take their pictures again and again!


Lyla’s 1st Birthday

It was Lyla’s 1st Birthday a few weeks ago and as you can see it was all about cupcakes. This was a great party and shoot because the kids were all loving their life playing on the splash pad. Little Lyla is so cute and sweet- such a quiet thing. You may recognize some faces in this post from another birthday party.

Jess and the kids

This was a fun and quick shoot we did at Sugarhouse Park a few days ago. Jess was referred to me through her friend Brooke, who will make an appearance on the blog soon. She had these done as a surprise Fathers Day gift for her boyfriend and I was happy with how the shoot went. The boy, Chris, was shy at first and I was worried I would have a hard time getting him to warm up to me. But within minutes, he was laughing and was having a good time. It’s rewarding to see people open up and feel comfortable in front of the camera. It’s one of the hardest things about photography, but one of the best.

Leighton and London: 1st Birthday Party

These pictures are from sweet little Leighton and London’s 1st birthday party. These girls were in such good moods and were making silly faces all day. I know this family through Stella, a friend I have done pictures for many times. You’ll be seeing a lot of these faces in the next post, which is another birthday party of their friends. I love taking pictures for parties because I get to just hang out and shoot away, without having to do any posing or coaching. Pure candids: my fav.